A Well-Intentioned Donor Bought 26 Lucky Souls Tickets to “Hamilton”

Hamilton is the RENT of the 2010s, a two and a half hour long musical about American history with rap and a trio of 90’s-R&B-harmonizing sisters that is consistently sold-out.  I have not seen Hamilton yet because I can’t make miracles happen, and the show is basically sold out through the summer of 2016. However, one kind soul who has chosen to remain anonymous, has bought 26 people tickets to see this show, kind of like a musical-theatre-loving Oprah.

Musical Theatre Oprah told the Billfold:

I have just looked at my statements, and I have apparently sent 26 people to see Hamilton. I mostly just reach out to (mostly) POC in underpaid creative fields who talk a lot about how much they love the cast recording on Twitter, but I have sent at least four broke white people. I’m open-minded.

Hmmmmm. The sentiment itself is nice, but this feels the teensiest, tiniest bit #problematic. Reaching out to PoC in “underpaid creative fields” is nice but also slightly presumptuous. Unless said patron researched where each person worked and found out that they actually were underpaid, assuming that someone is underpaid just because they work in a creative field is incorrect. Also, seeking PoC out specifically feels less like a kind gesture and more like a weird colonialist approach to giving the gift of dope cultural experiences.

A for effort, Musical Theatre Oprah, but a solid C- for execution.

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