Trump Goes On “Kimmel,” Calls For Republican Unity Via Clichés

Donald Trump called for unity in the Republican party while discussing this week’s GOP debate on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” last night, finally appearing on the show after a last-minute cancel in October.

Trump of course bloviated about how great he is, claiming that he’s the one and only reason that the GOP debates have drawn the audiences they have. And who knows? Maybe he’s right, or maybe, like usual, he’s talking out of his behind. He also doubled down on his digs at Jeb Bush, saying that “We don’t need low energy.”

But my favorite part, as usual, was when Trump made an appeal in typically vague Trump fashion to unify the Republican party. “Really, I would like to see the Republican party come together,” he said, because: “Ultimately, we have to come together and get it done.” Get what done, Don? Get what done?

But OK: Maybe the Republican part will get a wake-up call. They’ll be all hands to the pump. They’re not gonna be your all-talk-and-no-action good-for-nothing idiots. They’re madder than a wet hen, and they’re gonna make waves. They’re gonna take the bull by its horns. There is no I in team, after all. They’ll see Hillary Clinton elected – when pigs fly! They’re wound tighter than a spring and they’re ready for action. They’ll run circles around the Democrats. They’re gonna come together and Get. It. Done. Whatever that means.


Image via ABC

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