The Most Popular And Bizarre 2015 Google Searches

Google, or should I say Skynet, has released their 2015 Year in Search Trends data, and while most of the top results aren’t shocking (think hugely heart-wrenching news), there are some very specific popular searches that got me wondering: WHY?!

What To Wear To A Wedding In The Woods

I’m no stranger to an outdoor wedding having grown up in the PNW where outdoor and even heavily wooded weddings are a trend. But how is the specific quandary of fashion faux paux at forest weddings widespread enough to make the 8th most popular fashion related search?! Is this connected to the new fake-witch trend?

How Many Calories Are In A Toasted Graham Latte

Not only is there a slated list of “calorie searches,” but queries about Toasted Graham Lattes made the top search, which caused me to crawl back to Google to find out what they are and silently puke in my mouth.

Al Roker Selfie

Okay, so the reality is that Al Roker, the weatherman and television personality DID take a selfie near the South Carolina floods, which is ridiculous in both a cringey and hilarious way. But decontextualized, the fact that ‘Al Roker Selfie’ made one of the top five selfies sought out is pretty unexpected.

How To Keep Puppy From Eating Poop

My favorite thing I’ve learned this week is indisputably the fact that Google has a yearly “Top Trending Dog Questions,” which includes some of the most simultaneously logical and silly questions on the internet. Asking how to get a puppy to stop eating its own shit is useful, but still makes me giggle.

What Is 0 Divided By 0

Making the very top of the “Trending What Is…” questions, the mathematical mystery (or non-mystery) of the divisible value of 0 managed to beat out What Is Ashley Madison, What Is Ebola, and even What Is ISIS.

I raise my glass to another year in oversaturated newsfeeds and absurd memes. Search on, weirdos.

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