No, Jennifer Lawrence, The Wage Gap Is Not Your Fault, We Promise

Jennifer Lawrence sat down with Charlie Rose on CBS News on Wednesday night and admitted to the public what most every woman who has ever had a job thinks about the gender wage gap: that it’s entirely her fault.

“We almost put this gender bias on ourselves,” she told an attentive Charlie Rose. “I feel awkward negotiating. I feel uncomfortable asking for more money, I don’t want to seem like a brat.”  As for the pay discrepancy revealed in last year’s Sony hack that kicked off this entire discussion about wage equality, Lawrence felt that “there was no one to blame but myself.”

Her role as a public figure had stopped her in the past from being forthright about her opinions. She said “I used to just keep my mouth shut about everything because my job depends on everybody going to see my movies, not just people who agree with my opinions.”

“One day I want to be able to just say it,” she continued, “and not try to make it cute, but to just say it.”

Agreed, 100%, sister.

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