Missouri Politician Wants To Make It Just As Hard To Buy A Gun As It Is To Get An Abortion

Missouri State Representative Stacey Newman filed a bill that would require those looking to buy a gun to undergo similar restricitions as those looking to get an abortion. While I bet you a dollar and a box of Tic-Tacs that this thing won’t pass, the sentiment behind this bill speaks volumes.

Writing in Cosmopolitan, Representative Newman laid out the parameters of the bill:

Under this bill, if you wanted to buy a gun, you would have to endure a mandatory 72-hour waiting period so you could think seriously about your purchase. You’d need a doctor’s written permission, and you’d have to purchase your gun at least 120 miles from your home, which is the average distance a woman in Missouri must travel to reach our sole abortion clinic. I also included in the bill a required viewing of a 30-minute video on fatal firearm injuries, a mandatory visit to an emergency trauma center that treats gun violence victims, and a mandatory visit with at least two faith leaders who have officiated at funerals of victims under the age of 18.

Rep. Newman was inspired because gun violence prevention and reproductive rights are two of her passions. “As we become more incensed at mass shootings happening almost every week,” she writes “bills are being pre-filed in my state to make it easier to obtain weapons, including allowing guns on college campuses.” In a cruel lockstep with these policies, the Missouri GOP is working tirelessly to restrict access to abortion clinics. According to Newman, St. Louis — a city with a population of over 300,000 — there is only one clinic that provides abortion services.

This is not the first time Newman has spoken out against the deeply-ingrained misogyny that runs throughout her home state’s government. In 2012, she debated a birth-control access bill for hours with some of her fellow Democratic colleagues. She also filed an anti-vasectomy bill “for state oversight in men’s reproductive medical procedures.” Naturally, this incited outrage from men across her state, aghast and appalled that any woman would deign to interfere with their choice to procreate. Imagining a world where a man couldn’t have complete and total autonomy over their reproductive rights was just too much for some to bear, I guess!

The bill was pre-filed on December 1st, and after the Huffington Post published Newman’s email address attached to a brief bit of praise, the reception has been overwhelmingly positive.¬†People are pretty tired of seeing mass shootings every other week and are finally beginning to recognize that gun violence is an actual problem that our Republican-led Congress has been willfully ignoring.


If you want to tell State Rep. Newman just how fucking great this is, head over to her contact page.