Cara Delevingne Speaks Against Paparazzi Harassment

Despite the fact that paparazzi harassment is sadly a norm for many celebrities, Cara Delevingne put her foot down this last week after being stalked by a paparazzi who attempted to shoot photos up her skirt. Tweeting about the incident, Delevingne first apologized to fans for the possibility of a leaked ass photo (an apology which many were quick to point out was unnecessary for several reasons), then followed up with the open question:

Sadly, legal repercussions for these types of sexual misbehaviors and invasions of privacy are small at best. Reporting instances of harassment, especially ones as difficult to pin-point as a looming paparazzi tends to get turned back on the victim, with law enforcement either straight out shrugging it off because of the nature of public spaces, or at best, a long wild goose-chase is launched to find the stalker.

In this case, I hope Delevingne is able to procure eggs AND some privacy.

H/T: Nylon