Ariana Grande Is Very Good At One Thing And That Is Making Christmas Music

Reformed donut licker and very random person Ariana Grande is a fair singer and works the hell out of a giant fake ponytail, but her true talent reveals itself during the holiday season. Something about her  — the squint-and-you-can-see-it Mariah comparison, maybe — lends itself particularly well to holiday music. Please, revisit last year’s “Santa Tell Me,” and tell me, friends, if this isn’t some high-quality holiday shit.


Tomorrow, we will see the glory that is “Christmas & Chill,” a 4-song EP featuring this little number which is refreshingly because you haven’t heard it on endless loop at Bed, Bath and Beyond while trying to buy replacement filters for your vacuum cleaner.

Naughty but nice YouTube user gagasgrande has done all of us a favor and uploaded the entire EP, so  go run hurry and listen to that before the iron fist of the record label descends and snatches the mirth from our lives.