World’s Worst Gun Safety Instructor Shoots Pastor During Demonstration

Tom Smith, a family pastor in Modesto, California, is recovering in a hospital after being shot in the stomach — by a guy teaching a gun safety class. Guess that didn’t go so well.

Police say Smith and the gun instructor were acting out a scenario towards the end of class, when a loaded gun the instructor was holding accidentally went off. The instructor reportedly had put down the mock gun he was holding and grabbed his real gun instead – which was just left somewhere with the safety off, it seems. Police say they are not currently sure if the instructor was aware he was holding his real gun or not.

According to CBS News, many California churches have recently started offering gun lessons and allowing congregants to wear concealed weapons to church, in response to the recent uptick in mass shootings. Their hope, of course, is that a possible shooter could be stopped by a “good guy with a gun.” Most experts on situations like these — including police and military personnel — do not actually believe this is any kind of good idea, and that dealing with an active shooter requires more training than learning how to shoot a gun after church. But they’re gonna do what they want, I guess.

While I will concede that it is very gracious of these people to at least consider learning something about gun safety before they start walking around armed to the teeth 24/7, I really hope they can get some instructors that are at least a little better at their jobs than this guy was at his. And our best wishes to Mr. Smith, who we hope has a speedy recovery.

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