“The Daily Show” Holds Focus Group With Trump Supporters — And It Gets Weird

Last night after the Republican Debate, “The Daily Show” decided to get a bunch of Donald Trump supporters together in order to figure out … well, why they support a total lunatic. The answer? Either they’re not even sure, or they’re lunatics themselves.

Correspondent Jordan Klepper began the focus group simply by asking them “why?”

Answers varied, but not by much: “He’s not a politician,” “He’s not gonna take any crap from anybody” and “He has no filters.”

When the “no filters” supporter was asked if that was a good thing, she seemed genuinely surprised that anyone would think it wasn’t. “Do you want a President in there that really walks on eggshells and not wanting to hurt this community or that community?” she asked incredulously.

“Yes,” Klepper responded.

That same lady then started insisting that the “vast majority” of Mexicans who cross the border are “rapists and criminals,” saying she believed the statistics were on her side, despite the fact that she didn’t know what those exact statistics were, and admitted that it’s possible she might be wrong.

The rest of the group seemed to agree that even though Trump says horrible things, it’s great that he just says them. OKAY. One woman said that Trump says the things they all want to be able to say – but then couldn’t bring herself to say that we should ban all members of one religion from coming into our country.

The group was then asked to differentiate between Donald Trump and “a thing a racist sandwich would say” and not all of them passed the test.

It then got weirder. The focus group was asked to hold up Trump signs and put them down if they would not vote for Trump if he said or did certain things. They all agreed that making fun of a disabled reporter was totally fine – actually, it seemed from their answers like most of the things he’s actually done or said were totally fine with them. They all said they would support Trump if he wanted to institute a national registry of Muslims.

And when Klepper asked them if they would continue to support him if he wanted to create a national registry of Jews … two of the supporters maintained that they would.


I am not entirely surprised, to tell you the truth. In my own quest to figure out what the hell is wrong with these people, I’ve spent a good amount of time within the last few weeks reading the comment sections of conservative sites. I have found that there is literally nothing Trump could do or say that would be “too extreme” for them, because the more extreme he is, the more they love him. I don’t think there’s a line he could cross, and while this video is hilarious, it’s actually also scary as hell.

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