“House Of Cards” Debuts Trailer During GOP Debate, Mirrors Real Life Just A Smidge Too Closely

The trailer for “House of Cards”’s fourth season ran during the GOP debate last night. I would be delighted by this if it weren’t so rich with really sad irony: It’s a show based on precisely the vainglory and ambition and dishonesty that is manifested in a GOP race in which the frontrunner has yet to make any true statements during his campaign, and will apparently say anything to incite the passions of what is coming out to be a racist populace. There’s a reason the show’s logo is the signal of a nation in distress. (Recall that Bill Clinton told Kevin Spacey that “House of Cards” is “99 percent realistic.”)

Anyhow, the ad is a fake (but not-quite-fake-enough) political ad for Frank Underwood, who promises the audience, “We are yet but young in deed.” Oops, I mean: “America, I’m only getting started.” It also points you to Frank Underwood’s political web site (fu2016.com, har har), which is full of in-jokes and Easter eggs for fans. “House of Cards” premieres March 4, which, to add to the show’s metafiction, happens to be the Friday following the primary elections’ “Super Tuesday.” Meaning, of course, that by then, we might be watching an even more compelling real-life drama.


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