Why Would You Pay Money To Smell Like A Cat?

Do me a favor. Go find a cat. Pick up that cat. Wrestle its furry body into your arms and burrow your nose into its soft head. You smell that? Do you smell … anything? Does it smell good? Would you pay any amount of money to smell like that because you love it and want to emit that odor all the livelong day?

Japanese company Yamamoto Perfumery is willing to bet that the scent of cat forehead is one that you definitely want to smell like, instead of something that you actively try to get rid of. After conducting extensive research at cat cafes throughout Japan, dutifully sniffing the foreheads of cats and recording the fragrance notes, the head perfumer created “Fluffy Forehead Fragrance Fabric Water,” a home fragrance that purportedly smells just like a cat. According to customers surveyed, a cat smells like “sunshine,” “a futon that’s been dried in the sun” and “sweet bread.”

This is decidedly not what my cat, a precious angel dropped down on this planet from heaven, smells like. I would’ve thought kitty litter with a hint of kibble, but what do I know? [Rocket News]