Taylor Swift Heroically Stands Up To An Artist Whose Work She Tried To, Uh, Borrow

Taylor Swift has gotten herself into trouble with a New Orleans-based artist, Ally Burguieres, who claimed in a Facebook post that T.Swift had used a plagiarized, wrongly-credited copy of one of Burguieres’ paintings on her web site.

The image was identical to a Burguieres watercolor of a fox, and Swift had put it up to accompany the lyrics to “I Know Places,” which mentions foxes, or something. Here’s the kicker: Burguieres lodged a copyright complaint, and The Swift Corporation™ paid her, but it took months, and the payment stipulated that Burguieres had to donate the money to charity.

And while Swift Corp claims that the payment was more than fair, Burguieres disagrees (obviously). In an open letter to Swift, the artist asked, “Taylor, as a professional, would you agree to such terms from Apple, or Spotify?” Fair point! There’s also the fact that concert photographers have to live up to absolutely insane contracts in order to use their own intellectual property (their photos) if said IP contains the blessed visage of Lady Swift.

For as much praise as Swift got for “standing up” to Apple and Spotify, it sucks that she also “stands up” to photographers and artists from whose work she benefits, but who have significantly less leverage than a giant corporation or a giant music star. But OK: I’m sure the news will pass soon, without anyone who does have leverage standing up to Taylor Swift.


Image via Getty

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