Taiwan Marathon Brilliantly Hires Motivational Ghost

This past week, brilliant organizers for a marathon in Keelung, Taiwan, hired an actress to play a motivational ghost for runners participating in the marathon.

The ghost was meant to double as both a “scary” character chasing runners, thereby motivating them to up their pace, and also a straight-up motivational speaker encouraging runners through camaraderie and running side-by-side.

The ghost herself said, “I didn’t dare frighten people by hiding in the woods, I just waited for them to encourage them.”

She spent a good portion of the marathon waiting for runners at the halfway point, at which point she jumped out and chased them through the halfway slump like a goddamn hero.

I love this idea of a “motivational ghost” so much I’m currently conceiving all the other arenas of life it could be used for. A motivational ghost that scares you into waking up. A motivational ghost that shames you into eating breakfast. A motivational ghost that gets you to wash your sheets. A motivational ghost that stops you from drunk texting your hot boss. A motivational ghost that ensures you vote in the primaries.

I’m both interested in becoming the motivational ghost I want to see in the world, and hiring a squad of them to keep my life moving (assuming they accept payment in the ghosts of already spent cash). How do I make this happen? [h/t Jezebel]