So Here Is A Video Of Carly Fiorina Eating Dog Food…

Behold! Here is a video of Carly Fiorina, surrounded by puppies, explaining why dogs are better than cats. At one point, in said video, Fiorina announces that she used to eat Milk Bones as a child, and then takes a bite of one and chews it up.

The video is part of a series created by IJ Review showing Presidential candidates in “humorous or self-deprecating situations.” Which I suppose means that we are supposed to watch this and go “Wow! What a regular human person Carly Fiorina is! Stars — they’re just like us! And gee, she seems so much less horrifying when surrounded by cute puppies!”

However, Fiorina still manages to be terrifying while surrounded by adorable puppies — and not just during the part where she eats a Milk Bone. At one point, she tells one of the puppies that President Obama ate one of his cousins. Which is true, because he grew up in Indonesia where eating dog meat is customary — but still, that is a kinda creepy thing to say to a puppy that just wants to snuggle.

At the end of the video, she notes that people have compared her to Cruella DeVille, and slightly denies it, while complimenting the coat of the dog she is holding. Also pretty creepy.

I’m happy to give Fiorina credit when she does something likeable, like when she stood up to Trump’s sexist bullshit — but if the point here is to show her softer and more human side … I’m not sure that’s working too well. In fact, I’m almost more creeped out now than I was before.