Margaret Cho Will Star In A Chill Weed Dramedy Coming To Amazon

The latest entry into the character-driven weed dramedy category is this very exciting news from Deadline — Margaret Cho has an hourlong TV pilot in development with Amazon. It’s called “Highland” and stars Cho as a “version of herself,” which doesn’t seem like a bad thing at all. It’s written by Liz Sarnoff of “Deadwood” and “Lost,” and, fingers crossed, sound pretty damn good.

In the show, Cho plays a woman starting over and moving home after court-ordered rehab to live with her dysfunctional family — who happen to run a marijuana dispensary. Sure, I’ll watch that. Who wouldn’t watch that?

Cho, for what it’s worth, is not shy about how much she loves weed, as demonstrated most clearly in this video, in which she talks about how alcohol was never really her thing. Agreed, on all counts, sister. [Deadline]