Just Like You, Jennifer Lawrence Thinks It’s Too Soon For A “Hunger Games Prequel”

Our nation’s insatiable lust for dystopian fantasies based on children killing each other as the result of a capitalistic society run rampant is one of the pillars on which Hollywood rests. Lionsgate recognizes this more than any of us, and that is why they’re chomping at the bit to get prequels of The Hunger Games up and running. But, America’s best friend and the only person who should probably be speaking to this matter, Jennifer Lawrence, is slightly horrifed at this notion, just like you.

“That can’t be true. It’s too soon,” she told E! News’s Michael Malkin on the red carpet for her new movie, Joy. “Screw that,” she continued. “No support. I think it’s too soon. The body’s not even cold yet.”

She’s right, in case you were wondering. Also, don’t you want to be her friend now even more?! So real, that Jennifer. So real.