Con-Artist Mom Shaved Daughter’s Head, Told Her She Was Dying Of Cancer

Hey! You know who is probably not in the running for 2016 Mother of The Year? Juanita Garcia of Edinburg, Texas!

In order to make some cash, Garcia allegedly pretended her daughter had cancer on social media in order to get money from Good Samaritans who might want to help. As if that wasn’t bad enough? Garcia actually shaved the girl’s head and convinced her that she really was dying of cancer and only had a few months left to live. The child, however, was actually in perfect health.

After a thorough investigation, Garcia was arrested for Exploitation of a Child, a third degree felony.

A statement from the Hidalgo County Police reports that Garcia hosted at least 7 fundraisers in support of the child’s health, and was also known to approach random people asking for money to help with her daughter’s cancer treatments. Garcia admitted to police during questioning that her daughter had never been sick and that she had faked the cancer in order to get money.

So I guess the lesson here is that people are garbage liars and you should never believe them! Yay?