9 Things You Can Learn From Super Mario’s LinkedIn Page

Mario – yes, that Mario; Super Mario, as in Mario & Luigi – has an official LinkedIn account now. Why? Well, maybe because he’s six months away from being 35 years in the game business, and he wants to stay relevant in his field. Or something.

But yes: Nintendo’s best-loved, best-mustachioed hero has a professional networking page, although it’s unclear if it’s official or fan-made. Here are nine things you can learn about Mario from his LinkedIn page:

1. Mario went to CUNY. Specifically, City University of New York Brooklyn, where he got an Associate’s in engineering. Go Bulldogs!

2. Mario supports unions. Or anyway, you’d have to imagine so – he was trained through Plumbers Local 1 in New York and has belonged to the union for over three decades.

3. Mario really is a plumber. Apparently, when he’s not fighting giant apes and lizards, racing in go-karts around hellscapes and frozen wastelands, and rescuing Princess Peach, he’s installing pipes.

4. Mario is bilingual. Yep, that whole “It’s-a me!” shtick isn’t just a parody of an Italian accent – he’s a native Italian speaker.

5. Mario is particularly proud of the Super Mario theme song. He posted a note yesterday titled “Musical snub of the century,” which linked to a YouTube video of the theme song and the question, “How could this song not have earned a Grammy by now?” FAIR QUESTION.

6. Mario has a really long commute, not to mention a really long work week. He’s been living and working in Brooklyn pretty much his entire life, but he also has jobs in the Mushroom Kingdom, Rainbow Road, Koopa Beach, and Donut Plains. Does he ever sleep?

7. “Damsel-rescuing” is an endorsable skill. As of right now, Mario has 10 endorsements for this particular skill.

8. Mario cares about his community. He volunteers for the New York Blood Center alongside his other jobs.

9. For some reason, Mario really likes Mark Cuban. Mario isn’t following many pages, but he is following CUNY Brooklyn (his alma mater), the Long Island College Hospital of Brooklyn School of Nursing, and … Mark Cuban. OK!

[h/t Polygon]

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