Sandy Hook Mom Speaks Out: “Gun Violence Has Already Become The New Normal”

Today marks the three year anniversary of the unthinkably tragic Sandy Hook Elementary school shooting, and parents who lost their children to gun violence have found the problem has only gotten worse.

Nicole Hockley’s youngest son Dylan was shot three years ago while in the arms of a special education assistant during the horrific Sandy Hook shooting, one of many kids who lost their lives that day. In the years following the tragedy many of the parents have banded together and started Sandy Hook Promise, an organization dedicated to advocating for gun safety laws, mobilizing schools to build mental health programs and gun violence prevention.

Hockley and other parents have watched in horror as the influx of shootings have increased and become more normalized, using the tragedies as urgency and fuel for their growing compassion and activism.

Regarding the way recent tragedies have sparked her memories, Hockley said:

“Every single shooting takes me straight back to the day that I lost my son, knowing how those communities are being affected, and how those families are being affected. And now that it’s been three years, I also know that this journey doesn’t get any easier.”

As part of their ongoing fight, a handful of Newton parents have testified before Connecticut state leaders to express their distress and the urgent need for gun reform.

“It saddens us that there are more and more shootings, more families having to deal with this trauma, and loss and heartbreak, and knowing that a lot of these are preventable,” Hockley continued, “We don’t want other people to feel how we feel. It’s too late for us, but we can help ensure that other families don’t have to count the years.”

All my respect, solidarity, and swiftly written emails to my representatives are dedicated to these families.

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