5 Women Win Seats In Historic Saudi Elections

For the first time in Saudi Arabia’s history, women were permitted to both vote and run for seats in its council.

The turnout was that 5 women so far, have been voted into governance. For example, the candidate Hinuwf al-Hazmi won along with 13 men in the al-Jawf district as well as Mona el-Emery and Fadhila al-Attawy winning the northwestern region of Tabuk.

Many female candidates ran on platforms that promised more nurseries that offer longer daycare hours for working mothers, the creation of youth centers with sports and cultural activities, improved roads, better garbage collection and overall better programs for making towns and cities greener.

Saudi Arabia has a long way to go with gender equality, still segregating genders for the most part, but this is a huge step forward.

Hell yeah, Matriarchy, right??