Mark Zuckerberg Is OK With Diaper Duty In Shocking Photo Of A CEO Being A Parent

Well look at that! A male CEO is actually taking care of a live human baby!!!

In weird non-news that feels pretty forced, Mark Zuckerberg posted a photo of him changing his daughter’s diaper on his Facebook page. He even captioned his photo “One more down, thousands to go.” Good lord, Papa Zuck.

I mean it’s great in a lot of ways, so sarcasm aside, it truly is refreshing to see a billionaire CEO dude behaving like a sensitive father instead of a tyrannical money goblin.

Zuck’s wife gave birth to a baby girl 2 weeks ago named Maxima and damn is she cute.

I’ll admit it, I’m into this. Blasting apart gender roles always good, even if it’s sorta contrived. I suppose it means we’re moving in a good direction, right?