Daniel Holtzclaw Put On 24-Hour Suicide Watch After Guilty Rape Verdict

Ex-cop Daniel Holtzclaw was charged with raping 13 Black women while on patrol including:

  • 4 counts of rape in the first degree
  • 1 count of rape by instrumentation
  • 6 counts of sexual battery
  • 4 counts of forcible oral sodomy
  • 3 counts of procuring lewd exhibition


Authorities say he is now under 24-hour watch in jail after an emotional outburst following his conviction of a total of 263 years behind bars. Holtzclaw’s reaction to his (rightly) severe charge went viral after he visibly displayed his devastation with audible sobs in the courtroom.

The mother of his youngest accuser said she hoped the case would show that the problem of police sexual misconduct wasn’t limited to one officer or one department, and that it is a systematic issue with police abuse of power.

Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Office spokesman Mark Opgrande says Holtzclaw is being held in a single cell inside the county jail and is under 24-hour surveillance by a jailer.

Sorry, can’t feel bad for this guy. He is clearly a monster.