Buffalo Wild Wings Releases New Mountain Dew Wings, America Peaks

This is either the best thing because it’s the grossest thing, or it’s just pure gross and we’ve hit peak irony regarding disgusting foods released by the United States of America.

Buffalo Wild Wings, the popular chicken wing chain, has decided to release a new flavor to drench all over their precious wings: Mountain Dew.

Yes, the caffeinated saccharine horror soda that keeps dentists and cardiologists employed has been reenergized into a new disgusting sauce to go on fried chicken wings. :-(

Since I am disgusting and adventurous – a good combo if you ask me – I would actually try them, but I doubt I would be able to eat many.

One of the Huffington Post’s editors was lucky enough to taste a sampling of this brutal meld and said of the flavor:

You can literally taste the Mountain Dew aftertaste in the sauce. It kinda burns your throat in that artificial soda way. The sauce starts out sweet and then gets a little spicy, finishing with a weird artificial lime-y flavor. 

Sounds positively revolting and I am thoroughly intrigued. God Bless America!!!

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