Saudi Women Finally Allowed To Vote And Run For Office

For the first time in the Saudi Arabia’s kingdom history, women are permitted to both vote and run for seats in council. Marking long overdue progress, this year’s election has 1,000 women running against 5,938 men for the 2,100 seats in council. There is no quota for women this serves as a simultaneously small and HUGE step towards providing political equality for the women of Saudi Arabia.

Even amidst this symbolic progress, the kingdom still holds a strict policy of gender segregation, which requires women running to only address male voters from behind a partition, because of laws against women addressing men. Luckily, the General Election Committee has attempted to equalize this partially by banning both men and women from showing their faces on flyers, social media, or any form of promotion.

The enforcement of being heard and not seen in this case could actually serve as a benefit to women with good policies who would otherwise be judged by their gender or appearance. For this first election, 130,000 women are registered to vote, while 1.35 million men are registered.

Sending all my support to the women running, give em’ hell.