Justin Trudeau Cheerfully Welcomes Syrian Refugees, Makes Me Jealous Of Canadians

All of a sudden, Canada seems unbelievably cool. Not cool in the way of, like, swagger – cool in the way of being genial and welcoming and friendly and low-key. And yeah, geniality and friendliness are what Americans have been teasing Canadians for forever, but with Justin Trudeau leading the country, that teasing all of a sudden seems more like jealous bullying.

I mean, look at this guy! Last night, he welcomed the first 160 of the 25,000 Syrian refugees Canada has pledged to accept, himself, in person, and was characteristically genial and cool about it. The first refugee off the plane – Kevork Jamkossian, a blacksmith – said that to his family, Canada is “paradise.”

Here’s Trudeau welcoming refugees in the airport:

Here’s Trudeau and his cabinet members giving a little girl a stuffed bear:

Here’s Trudeau helping some sisters find new winter coats:

Obviously, only having been in charge of the country for two months must be helping Trudeau’s image – he doesn’t come off as put-upon, tired, or world-weary. Here’s to Trudeau’s continued good cheer; he makes me wish I had a Canadian parent.


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