Bret Easton Ellis Calls James Deen Rape Accusations A “Witch Hunt”

Let’s be clear: I am not at all surprised that Bret Easton Ellis is defending James Deen, who has been accused of rape/sexual assault by 13 women*. The guy is a renowned misogynist garbage monster, after all, not to mention a pal of Deen’s, having cast him as the character of Christian — a sociopath who rapes and enjoys hurting women, ahem — in “The Canyons.” So of course Ellis has Deen’s back. I would be far far far more shocked if he didn’t. And I might actually be inclined to ignore this interview Ellis gave to The Hollywood Reporterin which he calls the allegations against Deen “a witch hunt,” except for the fact that his arguments are so grossly offensive and illogical, that I simply cannot continue with my day until I am done tearing him a new asshole.

Now, lemme start with a brief little request: can we please stop using the phrase “witch hunt” in regards to a bunch of women alleging sexual assault by a man? Because, irregardless of that man’s guilt or innocence, it strikes me as grotesque to compare a potential serial predator to the 100,000+ women who were murdered (and sometimes also raped) during a time of moral panic because they were believed to practice witchcraft. It really, really grates on my nerves. So stop it.

Ellis starts by claiming that he’s seen text messages and emails from Stoya — Deen’s ex, who was the first to accuse him of rape — which he claims are evidence that her allegations are a “wild distortion, a lie” that “prove everyone who is #solidaritywithstoya to be ashamed of themselves.” These texts/emails apparently show that Stoya “threatened rape claims against [Deen] at other times in the relationship,” to which I say ANDDDDD? Who’s to say those threats weren’t based in fact? And even if they weren’t, if Stoya was in an abusive relationship with a manipulative, controlling sociopath, then it wouldn’t be all that strange for her to have been driven to the point of being mentally unwell. Ellis’s belief that Stoya calling Deen her “heroin” at one point is somehow evidence that she was unhinged still doesn’t do anything to disprove that Deen raped her. Abusers often beat down their victims over a period of time, weakening their resolve and their self esteem, praying upon their weaknesses and then exploiting them in order to get away with further abuse. GTFO with this perfect rape victim shit.

Ellis also claims, as Deen did in his interview with The Daily Beast, that Stoya made her claims on the day that he and his girlfriend, Chanel Preston, bought a house. First of all, I’m gonna need to see some fucking receipts. Second of all, the “jealous ex girlfriend” defense is tired as hell, and would be bullshit even if Stoya’s allegation didn’t open the floodgates for 12 other women to come forward. Oh, but it’s Ellis’s remarks about those 12 other women that really left me seething:

In the porn world! And BDSM invite-only parties! What are we talking about? Is everyone nuts? … Overly-rough sex in a porn BDSM scene? “Pressing his penis against me while we were taking showers on a porn set?” Where are we going with this? …

I mean everyone’s saying, “It doesn’t matter if you’re in the porn world. It doesn’t matter if you’re in the porn industry.” Well I think it does. I think when we’re talking about porn sets and BDSM parties, I don’t know. Are there any of these allegations – and I was looking at them closely to see, “Am I wrong about James? Am I wrong?” – but to me there is a sliding scale of offenses. I’m sorry, but there is a sliding scale of offenses. It just seems so distorted, let’s put it that way. The allegations seem so distorted. And because they are on porn sets and stuff, I don’t know, out of the 6,000 women James has been with, ten people come forward with this and are complaining.

Here we have James Deen’s most famous defender thus far, essentially saying that porn stars, people who practice BDSM and people who find themselves at sex parties cannot be raped. May I remind Bret Easton Ellis, and every other misogynist garbage monster who has been using these women’s porn history against them to refute their claims, that James fucking Deen is a goddamn BDSM-practicing porn star too? This “sliding scale” argument is offensive to the entire industry that Deen claims to love so much. I wonder how Deen feels about having his buddy defend him by essentially positioning SEX WORKERS LIKE HIM as somehow less deserving of the right to consent or not consent.

Ellis goes on to say that it really doesn’t matter how many more porn stars accuse Deen of rape, he won’t believe them because they’re just a bunch of sluts motivated by our sensitive and outraged culture:

“Look at me, how do I feel?” “I’ve been victimized, I’m a victim too.” “Oh, she said she’s a victim? I’m also a victim.” It’s a domino effect. And I don’t know where it will stop with James. Maybe it will be 80. Maybe 80 women in porn are going to start saying, “Well, looking back on it, that was pretty rough sex and he did go further than he probably should have in that scene.” It seems to me to be all a kind of joke.

No, it’s not a joke. Even Deen himself is on the record — at The Frisky and elsewhere — talking about how essential consent and boundaries are, especially when practicing BDSM. He may be backpedaling NOW that it’s come out that he doesn’t follow his own damn advice, but the fact is, at the bare minimum, by “going too far” during rough sex, Deen has violated the most basic of rules for safe, pleasurable, consensual BDSM. At the very LEAST, he shouldn’t be dominating ANYONE, let alone being paid to do so. That Ellis thinks “going too far” during rough sex with any woman, let alone a hypothetical 80 women, is a “joke” tells me everything I need to know about how this piece of shit feels about women, and he and his trash movies can go back to being irrelevant now.

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*The press keeps getting the number of accusers wrong, so lemme count them for you: Stoya (1), Joanna Angel (2), Tori Lux (3), Ashley Fires (4), Kora Peters (5), Lily LaBeau (6), T.M. (7), Bree Olson (8), Amber Rayne (9), Nicki Blue (10), Holly Jee (11), Farrah Abraham (12) and Bonnie Rotton (13).