Mandy Moore Demands Pet Support From Ex Ryan Adams

After a five-year marriage that had the public exhaling “oohs” and “awws,” Ryan Adams and Mandy Moore are in the middle of negotiating the terms of their divorce, which involves not only the run-of-the-mill financial compromises, but the care of their brood of eight pets.

As of now, Moore has been left with the bulk of the work of caring for, feeding, and maintaining the former couple’s pets, which she has finally admitted is too much both physically and financially.

“Although I love our pets, it is overwhelming for me to take care of eight of them all of the time,” Moore said when questioned about her decision to solicit financial support from Adams for the pets.

In response to Moore’s requests, Adams has agreed to take two of the cats and provide financial support, but has yet to follow through on any of his promises.

Where is the love for furry children, Adams? And what do you guys think — is pet support a crazy request during a split, or totally reasonable? NY Mag]