Let’s All Send Christmas Cards To This Sweet 5-Year-Old Arson Survivor

In 2013, five-year-old Safyre Terry tragically lost her father and three younger siblings to a fire caused by arson. Her father shielded her with his body, and she barely survived; Safyre suffered severe burns and lost her right hand and left foot in the following months.

Now, safe in the care and custody of her aunt Liz Dodler, the girl has one Christmas wish: to receive a collection of Christmas cards from strangers all around the country and world.

Her aunt already bought a tree to hang the holiday cards on, and I think we should do our best to spread the love and fill it up!

Cards can be sent to:

P.O. Box 6126
Schenectady NY 12306

Why not take a minute and send some love to this little girl?