Hey Guys, Here’s A Device To Help You Strengthen Your Penis!

Contrary to what you might think, Kegel exercises are not just for women. After all, no matter what you’ve got going on down there, we all have a pelvic floor – and strengthening the area by squeezing, holding and releasing the muscles between your genitals and butt will make for stronger orgasms, better stamina during sex and lessen the likelihood that you’ll pee in your briefs as you get older. But because there is a device for just about everything, the kGoal Boost for men will make your ween’s workout even easier.

Shaped like a black and blue vagina (sure, why not), the kGoal Boost isn’t the first of its kind, but it is the most high-tech and interactive. This rhythmically vibrating button is meant to be sat upon — at work, in the car, while watching the game, whatever – and connects directly to your smartphone so it can track your progress, like a Virtual Penis Personal Trainer. It’s programmed with a variety of exercise routines that involve flexing and releasing the muscles of the perineum in time with the button’s pulsing. See?


“All of our guided workouts and games are five-minute chunks. If you’re doing a workout for five minutes a day, every day, you’re going to be in a real good spot,” Brian Krieger, CEO of Minna Life, the company behind kGoal Boost, told the Huffington Post.

I think that’s his way of saying that your dick is going to be in tip-top fighting shape. Personally, I think it sounds like it would be, um, kind of pleasurable? And I never say that about working out. All the more reason to support the device’s Kickstarter, if you’re so inclined. [Huffington Post]