Reminder: The First Family Will Never Be This Cool Again

Let us take a moment to appreciate just how exceedingly cool our first family is, and to remind ourselves that whatever happens in 2016, whoever lives in that big pile in D.C. will never, ever be as awesome — or normal! — as the Obamas.

Speaking to People Magazine in an exclusive interview for an upcoming Campaign 2016 special, the Obamas revealed some of their favorite things of 2015. The Obamas might actually be just like you. President Obama’s favorite book of 2015 is Fates and Furies, Lauren Groff’s beautifully overwrought novel that peeks behind the curtain of a marriage. Michelle Oama loves black-ish. The President thought The Martian was a fine film, just like that third Tinder date you tried to get out of just the other day. Barack also loves Kendrick Lamar and Michelle has probably had “Uptown Funk” stuck in her head for the majority of 2015, too.

Looking back at the entire history of the U.S. presidency, and taking into consideration the people that have ascended to the highest office in the country by luck or by pluck or some helpful nudges from Daddy, we should all be grateful for his presidency. We haven’t even had the primaries yet but I miss you already, Obama fam.