Just Look At This Asshole: Woman Attacks Muslims Praying In Park, Has Massive Bigot Meltdown

Welcome to America in 2015! If you click on the video above, you will see a woman, in a park in Lake Chabot in California’s Alameda County, screaming at a group of Muslims for praying in that park, and subsequently assaulting one of them.

“The people you tortured, they’re going to spend eternity in heaven. You are very deceived by Satan. Your mind has been taken over — brainwashed — and you have nothing but hate, nothing but hate.”

Really? Other people have been brainwashed by hate? I think it’s pretty clear that only one person in this scenario has been brainwashed by hate, and it’s the one carrying what appears to be a fanny pack and yelling at people she doesn’t know.

The woman was asked to leave by a park ranger, who told her she was being inappropriate. “It is inappropriate, you’re right, for somebody to tape record me,” responded the clearly rational woman.

Rasheed Albeshari, who was the one filming the incident with his cell phone, explained to the park ranger that the woman had come over and started insulting their religion, at which point, the woman attacked him with her umbrella and threw her hot coffee in his face.

Police were called and the District Attorney is looking into it as a possible hate crime, which it obviously is.

Albeshari said he was surprised to have this happen to him in California — he’d moved there four years ago from South Carolina, believing it to be the most progressive state in the country. But you know, there are terrible people everywhere.

This is what happens when people like Donald Trump go around spewing disgusting, bigoted rhetoric against a group of people. Sure, maybe it’s a disingenuous ploy to attract voters from that demographic, to get people scared so they think he’s the only one who can save them — but it has real world consequences and this is one of them.

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