Japan Now Sells The Kraft Singles Of Chocolate

Have you ever been in the middle of making a sandwich and stopped to think, “Wow, what this really needs is some thinly sliced chocolate?”

If so, Japanese company Bourbon has tapped into your needs with their latest invention: individually-wrapped slices of chocolate, which come in packs of five for only $2.25. Marketed for their versatility, the slices can be used to wrap fruits or meats (hey, whatever floats your boat), cut into decorative shapes using cookie-cutters, or implemented as the perfect S’mores ingredient.

The similarities in shape and consistency between these chocolate slices and Kraft American Cheese sets a visual trigger in my brain that yells: “EWW, NO STOP!!!” But when I actually think about it, it’s 100 percent brilliant marketing for S’mores, and honestly, other gross uses as well. Peanut butter and chocolate slice sandwiches? Check! A perfect vessel to wrap in a tube shape and fill with whipped cream? Check! A snack I would put in my purse, forget about and then discover had melted all over? Check!

Big ups to Japan for once again tapping into and commodifying the weird and gross cravings of people everywhere! [Refinery 29]