Androgynous Model Does Her Own Body-Positive Victoria’s Secret Shoot

Androgynous model Rain Dove is bypassing the exacting physical standards Victoria’s Secret imposes on its “Angels” by doing her own photoshoot in the brand’s lingerie. She’s included two images for each shot: One with a VS model’s head superimposed over her own, and then just the original image of Dove.

Dove orchestrated the photoshoot because she wants Victoria’s Secret to start using models with diverse aesthetics and body types. “I decided I’m not going to wait for the big moment when Victoria’s Secret would say this is acceptable,” she told People. “I figured I would just do a photo shoot, and show people that I’m not afraid to do this, and they shouldn’t be either. They shouldn’t be ashamed of their bodies.”

Dove says she’s wanted to be a Victoria’s Secret angel her whole life, and good for her for embracing both that goal and herself and her body the way she is. In my experience, it’s hard to be androgynous and feel good in lingerie that’s as distinctly feminine as VS lingerie. Dove rocks it, and she proves that sexiness doesn’t have to do with someone else’s standards, but rather with how you live up to the standards you set for yourself.


[Image via Sandy Ramirez]

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