Mom Tries To Get A Baby For Her 14-Year-Old On Craigslist, Finds Out That’s Not Legal

A Georgia woman was arrested this week after allegedly helping her 14-year-old daughter place an ad on Craigslist asking for a baby. Although she was released last night, she is being charged with domestic-unlawful advertisement and inducement for adoption of children.

The advertisement, I shit you not, called for people with unwanted children to leave them in a BABY BOX in some random location. Kinda like a DIY stork?

Screen Shot 2015-12-08 at 4.37.23 PM

What even is that? How long would the baby be in the box for? What is wrong with people?

According to KTRE, Elaine Williams, 47, told police that “her daughter wanted a baby and would get one with or without her help, so she decided to help.” What? She couldn’t say no? She couldn’t just get her one of those creepy ass reborn dolls that people pretend are real or something? Certainly, there has to be a better way than asking people on Craigslist to drop a baby in a box so you don’t have to tell a 14-year-old no.

Her daughter claims that they did nothing wrong (because she is 14), stating that it had nothing to do with illegal adoption since “The reason was, okay if you don’t want your child or you can’t afford it or whatever situation you’re in, then okay, maybe we can work something out.”

You know, there were a lot of things I wanted when I was 14. Not a baby, obviously, but things! Like Hard Candy nail polish, which I could not have because my mom thought it was stupid to pay that much for nail polish. But you know what? I survived! You don’t have to get your kids everything they want, especially if that thing is a living, breathing child. The correct response to your 14-year-old child wanting a baby is “Get right out of my face with that, and maybe I’ll think about letting you have a goldfish – in the meantime, you can babysit,” and then a trip to the doctor’s office for some birth control.