Jimmy Kimmel Made Channing Tatum Say Mean Things To A Kitten

The whole cast of Quentin Tarantino’s bounty-hunter-70mm-film extravaganza¬†The Hateful Eight¬†was on Jimmy Kimmel last night, minus the tall drink of water Channing Tatum, who was busy practicing his pelvic thrusts or filming or something, I don’t know. So, because he desperately wanted to participate in the late night charade, Kimmel set him up in a studio full of hearts and cotton clouds and a lot of Pantone’s 2 chill AF colors of the year, and had him say 8 mean things to a kitten.

“Dude, you eat out your own asshole every single day, all day long,” Tatum says to the kitten, who stares at him impassively. “You’re a pussy.” The kitten meows, unfazed in the face of such great beauty.

Seems right.