Jeb! Bush Does Not Remember Last Week When He Only Wanted To Admit Christian Refugees

Lots and lots of conservatives are letting it be known that they are totally not fascist jerks like Donald Trump, and would never support something as heinous as a ban on all Muslims entering the United States. Even Dick Cheney, generally regarded to be one of the most evil human beings of all time, has gotten in on the fun!

Another one of those people is Jeb Bush, who tweeted about how “unhinged” Trump is:

Now, certainly, I agree. Every morning I wake up, read the Trump-related news and think “HOW IS THIS EVEN REAL? WHAT IS EVEN GOING ON HERE?” I am horrified by everything that comes out of his mouth. Placing a ban on not only Muslim immigrants, but also on Muslim U.S. citizens abroad, is completely insane. If you’re worried about people hating us, and you think that’s dangerous, why on earth would you give ammo to those that already do?

However! Jeb Bush is not in a position to criticize Trump’s “policy” proposals. Why? Because it has been only about two weeks since Jeb himself proposed pretty much the same policy.

As you may recall, Bush suggested just last month that we should only help Christian refugees from Syria. Now, as we have explained, it is currently more difficult to enter the United States as a refugee than for any other reason. It takes several years of intense vetting. Because of this vetting, both by the U.N. and the U.S., refugees are less likely to be terrorists than literally any other population.

Hey Jeb! You don’t get to suggest only allowing in Christian refugees like it’s normal and not horrifying, and then call out Trump for also being horrifying, as though you are some kind of voice of reason. Either you think it’s OK to profile people by their religion or you don’t. There’s only two teams you can be on here. Oy.