Gift Guide: For The Materialistic Social Media Witch

We all have one — a friend who’s into ‘magik.’ You know the type.  She watched The Craft, has a lot of feelings, and probably doesn’t feel like she has a lot of control over her life. Luckily for her, though, witchy ladies are some of the most in-demand woman-types on the internet right now. She idolizes Stone Fox Bride but is also a little sad. She loves fashion blogs but once washed her hair with apple cider vinegar. She’s trying to improve herself, but she’s also trying to build her personal brand, and has spent the past year or so developing the perfect urban witch persona. You can help her build her empire as a cool magic weirdo with these mostly totally un-magical gifts.

verb ghost oil

Verb Ghost Oil: This is v on brand. Not sure what it does, but it would look good photographed in one of those “The Top Shelf” posts on Into the Gloss, and would make your witchy buddy’s hair shiny while she explains what it’s like to be a doula-slash-bespoke-dreamcatcher-weaver. To the stars. [Verb Ghost Oil, $14]


Ringly Smart Ring: This looks like something Stevie Nicks would wear, but it tells you when you get a text (or a new Insta like. Boom. [Ringly Smart Ring, $200] 

mindfulness coloring book

Mindfulness Coloring Book: My friend told me this really helped her balance her energy after a breakup. For the sorceress in need of a little bit of extra chill. [Mindfulness Coloring Book, $9.95] 


Agate Bookends: The better to hold her spell books up so they don’t knock over her expertly-placed succulents. [Agate Bookends, $44 for a set of 2]


Tarot Deck Candle: This candle will make your apartment smell either like a crystal store in Idyllwild or like one of those incense tables on 125th St., depending on who you ask. [Tarot Deck Candle, $38]


A Moon a Month Calendar: This moon a month calendar is a much prettier than The Farmer’s Almanac, and will keep your girl in tune with her cycles, you know? [A Moon A Month Calendar, $25]

nausea negotiator

DoubleNApothecary Hangover Kit: Even the most spiritual among us can sometimes resort to some pretty basic-witch shit on a Friday night. If your spooky friend also likes Instagramming El Cortez tiki drinks on the regular, you can help her out with some tinctures from Etsy (she probably wouldn’t mind a couple packets of Alka Seltzer too, you know, as a joke). [DoubleNApothecary Hangover Kit, $40]

wiccan way spell

Glamour Spell Kit: There’s more to insta-fame than good hair and a few well timed Stevie Nicks #wcw posts. Your girl needs that extra je ne sais quoi to get that Teatox money, nahmean? There are spell kits for basically everything, but the glamour kit seems equal parts useful and vapid, just like Instagram! [Glamour Spell Kit, $23.99]


Crystals for Beginners by Corinne Kenner: That rose quartz in the little bowl by her bed sure looks good, but does she know how to use it? This book will help your girl take her crystal collection to the next level. I mean, does she even remember the last time they were charged? [Crystals for Beginners by Corinne Kenner, $13.95]

pamela love dagger

Pamela Love Dagger Pendant Necklace: Okay, so this one might be a little more Cruel Intentions than The Craft, but we all have a little Sarah Michelle Gellar in our Fairuza Balk hearts. If you’re feeling spendy (or you’ve been reading this guide for yourself all along, you tricky witch), Pamela Love is the go-to jeweler for the creepily inclined. [Pamela Love Dagger Pendant Necklace, $200]