Brett Favre’s Wife Kicked His Butt In A Triathlon

Forgive me if this is colored by my personal hatred of Brett Favre (because BEAR DOWN!), but ha ha ha, Favre’s wife Deanna thrashed him in the Key West triathlon last weekend!

Deanna finished 97th overall and third among female competitors at 1:26:35.71. Dang, Deanna!

This lady Susan knows what I’m talking about when I say I hate Brett Favre:

To be fair, Favre finished at a no-joke 1:36:12.74, placing 184th overall and third in the category of “Clydesdales 220 and 40+” (referring, I assume, to the difficulty of performing well in a triathlon when you’re as tall and heavy and, um, full of years as Brett Favre).

Anyway, triathlons are hard, congrats to both of them, but especially to Deanna. And go Bears!

[Washington Post]

[Image via Twitter]

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