Here Is Kris Jenner Swimming In Black And White To “Trap Queen”

On the seventh day of Christmas, the internet gave to me this captivating black and white video of Kris Jenner wearing a one-piece bathing suit, a pile of necklaces and a shit-eating grin, swimming in a pool as Fetty Wap’s “Trap Queen” plays in the background. Part of LOVE magazine’s advent calendar, the video sounds like it would be a disaster but it is actually quite … something.

Is it good? Interesting? A strange cultural artifact that will make no sense when we leave it in a time capsule for the aliens that will inevitably wipe out the human race? It’s a celebration of excess and Kris Jenner’s excellent plastic surgeon. The woman is aging in reverse in a way that is both horrifying and impressive to watch and this video is a testament to that. Watch it once, feel weird. Watch it three or four times and feel better. Trust me. [LOVE Magazine]