“Everything Is Awesome”: NY Daily News Sips Tea As It Deals With Reader Backlash

In lieu of the tragic scourge of gun violence within the past week, the New York Daily News has been killing it with their covers addressing the issue. They forced readers to pay attention with last week’s straightforward headline simply stating “God Isn’t Fixing This,” which proceeded to call out the hypocrisy of legislators who feign solidarity through prayer, yet are taking no actions policy wise towards instating gun-control and preventing future violence.


Predictably, whenever there is a hard political truth being exposed, there is backlash and controversy. Whether they disagreed with the strongly stated opinions calling for immediate legislative action against guns, or they just preferred more light-hearted news, not all of the Daily News’ readers appreciated their brilliant cover, to which they had the best response.

Enter the cover as seen above, which managed to utilize puppies AND slyly call naysayers cowards, artfully exposing the idiocy of people’s backlash.

Keep up the good work, Daily News, people need your side-eye now more than ever.