Liberty University President Tells Students They Should Arm Themselves To “End Those Muslims”

What better place to mouth off your bigoted position than to thousands of students in an institution of higher learning?

President Jerry Falwell Jr., is the head of the Christian university, Liberty University in Virginia.

In a student address on Friday, he strongly encouraged his students to get concealed firearm permits so they could prevent the next mass shooting from happening there. WHAT A GREAT IDEA!!!!

In addition to this bonkers statement, Falwell Jr. said that they should all get firearms to “end those Muslims before they walk in and kill us.”

I think I am rendered speechless.

Luckily, the students’ reactions were mixed with cheers AND boos, showing us that there is at least a glimmer of hope and that some students are actually critical of this blatant ignorance (by their freaking president, no less).

Way to spread the loving Christian message of Jesus, Mr. Falwell Jr.