Conservative Whack Job Erick Erickson Shoots ‘NY Times’ Front Page, Boasts On Twitter

Conservative talk radio host and editor of, Erick Erickson, decided to shoot the shit out of the front page of Saturday’s New York Times newspaper we guess as a way of protesting its editorial about our gun epidemic.

The editorial is a big deal since the Times hasn’t had an editorial on the front page since 1920. This also precedes an address by Obama which will take place Sunday evening regarding terror threats and gun control.

Erickson took his bullet holed newspaper picture to Twitter, a platform he loves and regularly uses for misogyny, racism, xenophobia and just about every other form of bigotry under the sun. But this time, I just have to ask him one thing: “You ok, bro?”

Of course the smart sane funny folks on Twitter were able to skewer him over this blatant display of mania, and he was not lauded by any stretch.

Read his replies for amusement. Here is a good string by by popular Twitter user OhNoSheTwitnt

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