Whoops! Stabbing At Art Basel Misinterpreted By Witnesses As Performance Art

American art world’s biggest yearly event, Art Basel in Miami Beach, was rattled Friday evening after a woman was stabbed. However, because of the gallery setting and the entire scene of this event, some patrons just thought they were watching some performance art. :(

Miami Beach police spokesman Ernesto Rodriguez said that the incident occurred around 5pm at the Miami Beach Convention Center in a corridor near an art installation entitled ‘The Swamp of Sagittarius,’ which was installed by Miami artist Naomi Fisher and partner Agatha Wara.

The victim of the stabbing (her name not yet released) confronted the perpetrator, Siyuan Zhao, about purposely following her around the art show and bumping into her several times. Siyuan was essentially stalking her victim during the show.

After the confrontation, Zhao pulled out an “X-Acto” knife and stabbed her in the right side of the neck and left shoulder. What even the hell?

Perhaps it is dark that this (not the violence itself) made me “laugh” but it is so art to think that a real violent occurrence is just “art” where bystanders just ignore a neck stabbing and go on their merry way.

Another person even thought the police tape around the scene of the incident was actually an art installation. Oh, art.

Luckily for the victim, once police were finally called, they were swift in apprehending the stabber and shuttling the victim to safety at Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami and she is expected to survive.

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