Muslims In U.S. Condemn Extremists After FBI Announces San Bernardino Shooting Is Work Of ISIS

Hours after news broke that the shooters of the San Bernardino massacre were members of ISIS, Muslim organizations across America released statements of their staunch condemnation of these radical acts, ensuring news outlets that they are not affiliated at all.

Salam al-Marayati, president of the Muslim Public Affairs Council declared to a news conference in LA that:

“Groups like ISIS and Al Qaeda are trying to divide our society and to terrorize us. Our message to them is we will be terrorized either by the terrorists or by hatemongers who exploit the fear and hysteria that results from incidents like this.”

One of the suspects, Syed Rizwan Farook, (the husband who committed mass homicide with his wife) was raised in the US and was an American citizen, worshiping at a Mosque that respected leaders share. This latest fact has once again made it harder for Muslim groups to convince the American public they are not at all part of the extremist factions.

They are facing anti-Muslim protests at mosques across the country, and they fear it will only get worse.

But it is of course clear that the US has issues with Christian extremists as well from White Supremacist hate groups also shooting up schools and movie theaters, to the Westboro Baptist Church spreading hate and fear everywhere they go.

What isn’t helping either is many far-right leaders pronouncing their support for bias against Muslim people and their communities.

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