Sarah Palin Reveals Detailed, Well-Thought-Out Plan For Defeating Isis

Surely, we have all been on tenterhooks for some time waiting for foreign policy wonk Sarah Palin to bestow upon all of us her well thought out, detailed plan for defeating ISIS. And now, thanks to a hard hitting interview on a recent edition of the 700 Club, we have it. Her solution? Stop them. And also stop being so “namby-pamby.”

In the interview, Palin insisted that all the liberals wanted to like, bake cookies for and understand ISIS, whereas she would stop them, you know, by like, doing stuff. She also criticized Hillary Clinton as naïve for saying that we are not at war with all 1.57 billion Muslim people in the world–all of whom, of course, are members of ISIS. So very naïve. Sarah herself would definitely go to war with ISIS, despite ISIS not being an actual country or anything.

Jeez, too bad she isn’t running for President, huh!