Let’s Talk About Women Hiding Contraband In Their Vaginas

Not too long ago, my dear friend and former Frisky staffer Ami Angelowicz called me up with a proposition: “Hey Smell,” she said, using her most flattering nickname for me. “Want to come on my podcast to talk about women hiding illicit items in their vaginas?” Obviously, I said yes. Both Ami and I have long been fascinated by lady lawbreakers using nature’s pocket as a receptacle for contraband – be it bags of heroin, a prosthetic eye, or a loaded gun – and the bizarre trend made for the perfect topic for her Crimefeed podcast “What The Crime?!” Beyond just my own insights into whether, say, stuffing a stolen Donny Osmond poster in your hoo-ha is a feminist act, the whole episode is as funny as it is fascinating. Listen to the entire episode above and show your love for Ami by subscribing to “What The Crime?!” [Crimefeed]