Here’s A Holiday-Themed Reminder That Miley Cyrus Can Actually, Really Sing

The nation’s drunk Uncle Bill Murray’s holiday special, “A Very Murray Christmas,” hits Netflix today and it seems the best thing to come out of this thing is Miley Cyrus’s rendition of “Silent Night.” How is this possible, I don’t know, but never forget that Miley has a voice that won’t quit, even though she uses it in ways that are often not that good.

Here, then, is a beautiful, well-done, not-overwrought Christmas song, sung by Miley Cyrus wearing all of her clothes, atop a piano played competently by Paul Schaefer. Isn’t this lovely? I listened to this twice! And I can’t even make it through “Party In The U.S.A.” anymore because I cannot divorce the fact that Miley Cyrus sings that song. This is progress.

Thank you, Santa, for the gift of not seeing Miley’s vagina as she sings this tender carol. Happy Holidays! [Cosmopolitan]