God Didn’t Stop San Bernadino Shooting Because Of Abortions And Gays, Says Very Holy Dude

Raise your hand if you saw this one coming! Christian Apologist Alex McFarland is pretty darn sure that god totally would have stopped the San Bernardino shooting if only ladies would just not have abortions and gay people would just stop being gay. Because, as we all know, there were never any bad things that happened before abortion was legal and gay people could get married.

“People are saying, ‘Why didn’t God prevent this?’ Look, we’ve for 45 years told God to leave us alone. Fifty-seven to sixty million babies aborted, now our Supreme Court has deviated from natural law to case law and we’ve redefined marriage … God forgive us for the murder of the unborn, God forgive us for kicking prayer out of public schools, God forgive us for making sodomy mainstream and redefining marriage.

The greatest sin of all is abortion in our nation and the judgment of God only escalate until we turn to the Lord.”

This, as you may know, is not a terribly surprising thing for people like McFarland to say after a tragedy of some kind. Hell, there is an entire Wikipedia page on “Hurricane Katrina as divine retribution.”

If I were a Christian I would be extremely offended by that kind of rhetoric, personally. I would certainly not be thrilled by someone suggesting that the God I believed in was so cruel.

It’s interesting that he brings up school prayer as well. Personally, I would have to think that, given that lying is a sin, and taking the lord’s name in vain is a sin, it would also be a sin to encourage others to lie and pray to a god they don’t believe in. Sort of like how you’re not supposed to take communion if you’re a not Catholic. Frankly, I actually find this practice to be highly disrespectful of religion.

Still! One has to wonder! Given the fact that abortion has only been legal for 42 years, that prior to 1970 every state other than Illinois had a sodomy ban on the books, and that at the time the¬†Supreme Court declared sodomy bans unconstitutional in 2003, 14 states had laws making gay sex illegal–why did anything bad ever happen before the ’70s? Or before 1963 when school prayer was still legal? Why wasn’t God stopping all the bad things from happening then? Huh?