Russian Makeup Artist Faces Backlash After Using Dead Fish As Cosmetics

Makeup is incredible in how it can transform someone into a work of art, whether you’re crafting your features into a more flawless version of yourself, or turning yourself into a fictional monster. The possibilities for the absurd are endless, as Russian makeup artist Elya Bulochka has demonstrated amidst great controversy.

The artist, who has come under great fire from both Animal Rights Activists and Instagram followers galore, has been using angelfish and neon fish on the faces of models, as parts of her intricate makeup transformations in a series she named “Mermaid.”  Not only has she been using the dead fish, but she kills the fish herself, causing further vitriol from people who claim it’s unnecessary cruelty.

Couldn’t she just buy or handcraft fake fish for her cosmetic creations? That way the models wouldn’t be covered in corpse stink, and there wouldn’t be the unnecessary killing of those tiny gorgeous fish?

In response to the instant piling on of backlash, Bulochka clapped back:

“Before writing the comments, remember when you last ate meat. Only your meat has the nerve endings and feels pain. Fish do not feel.”

She did have a throng of supporters who responded to the backlash with similar sentiments, addressing the hypocrisy of meat-eaters naysaying her use of fish.

Personally, I mostly think it’s gross. Visually it’s fascinating, and as a meat-eater I would be a hypocrite to call this out and not analyze my relationship with animals. But since makeup is purely about the visual, why is it necessary to use real fish and not create a lookalike? It seems unnecessarily smelly and slimy!

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