People Who’ve Never Seen Greyhounds Accuse Kylie Jenner Of Animal Cruelty

Media queen Kylie Jenner is now under a very unflattering spotlight as an animal cruelty investigation begins in regards to her Italian greyhound Bambi.

After posting a video online that featured her greyhound Bambi, viewers worried the dog looked undernourished and filed neglect reports to Animal Control, who is legally obligated to launch an investigation after just one complaint.

Kylie has another greyhound named Norman that she regularly posts about, and anyone who knows about Italian greyhounds knows it’s natural for their breed to look skinny, even with ribs showing. The Italian Greyhound Club of America said the breed is supposed to look thin, since they are bred for running.

I’m not even a dog person and I know what these dogs are supposed to look like. When was the last time anyone saw a voluptuous greyhound? Trying to imagine a soft greyhound is hurting my brain, and immediately morphing the dog into some imaginary breed that looks like a punctured balloon animal.

Kylie Jenner provides plenty of antics to critique, but I honestly doubt the well-moneyed girl who frequently posts loving statuses about her dogs is neglecting or starving them.

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